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It's Easy, Fun & Enjoyable

Get private lessons with your family at Victoria Park or at the clubhouse of your residence! Private lessons offer you a chance to improve YOUR tennis skills faster WHILE learning at your own pace. TENNIS.HK creates a customized lesson plan tailored to your tennis & fitness level.

Why learn tennis with Your Family?

Family tennis lessons are best because it develops bonds. Studies have shown that when families embark on a shared goal together, it strengthens the bonds between each member of the family. Family tennis lessons are one way to achieve that. The very nature of teamwork in doubles in tennis helps them learn from one another and play better when they know they have support from family members. What’s more, vigorous exercise has shown to improve blood flow, boost memory and keep you feeling healthy!

Fun for Everyone!

Family tennis lessons are the best kind! We’re always happy to see families learning tennis together. A family that plays tennis together stays happy together. what could be more fun than sweating it out on a tennis court together?

Programs for the Family

Family tennis lessons are fun to coach! As such, we have designed specific programs to help families progress in the sport. We structure our family programs to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn the proper strokes and footwork required in tennis, but most importantly to allow everyone to have FUN! We love to see healthy competition during family lessons.



Time & Location

Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 11:00pm


At Causeway Bay Sports Ground
Victoria Park Tennis Court

Your club house


  • $680 / hr for 1 person  

  • $740 / hr for 2 persons

  • $800 / hr for 3 persons

  • $860 / hr for 4 persons

    Valid for 6 months. Buy Now.

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